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Author Topic: Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster  (Read 9441 times)

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Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster
« on: 08 / 06 / 10 »
This is the first poster that solidified the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as pop-culture icons.  I believe over 1 million posters were sold.

Cheerleaders shown (left to right)

Here is an excerpt from Pro-Arts "The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders poster was the first one we had done of a group rather than an individual. When we first produced this one in May 1977, many people thought that it would only sell in Texas. But our research had shown that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders would be popular elsewhere, too. Television crews often turned their cameras on the Cheerleaders in between plays or when the Cowboys were in a huddle,  which we thought had created a tremendous amount of interest nationally.   As it turned out, many more copies of this poster have been sold outside Texas, and it has now sold over a million copies. Since that time, Pro Arts has produced a number of cheerleader posters and sold them nationwide: we've done the Oakland Raiderettes, the Miami Dolphin Starbrites, the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders, the Chicago Honey Bears and the Sunshine Girls of Toronto." more information can be found here : http://www.wonderland-site.com/html/mags/books00008.htm
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Re: Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster
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I remember when this poster first hit the stores. I bought one, and I still have it. I remember this poster appearing on the show, "Real People", and guys at school would talk about it, and we had this image on our tee shirts. I remember JAWS was the iron on tranfer, but when us guys found out that this photo came in iron on, we rushed out to get it. One of the best posters that has ever hit the market.
I love the vintage cheerleading catalogs and school spirt catalogs of the 60 and 70's. I enjoy designing and sewing vintage fashions. My favorite photos of the DCC are from the 70's and 80's.


Re: Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster
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I remember the show "Real People" that is one segment I would love to see again.  I remember them interviewing Suzanne Mitchell...  I wonder if that segment still exists somewhere.
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Re: Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster
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I think it's time to revisit this.....it is well known that the iconic poster was released in 1977 but does in fact feature members of the 1976/77 squad.......which holds true for four of the five squad members listed above.....plus it's easy to spot (for any DCC fan) Suzette, Suzie ('76 being her only year) and Cynde.....Debbie is wearing a very different hairstyle than her norm but I'm sure this was done for "glamour" purposes

what I am questioning is the inclusion of Syndy Garza....who did not become a DCC until the 77/78 squad was selected---the poster shoot was done in early '77 before she would have come on board....though she does bear a resemblance to the lady in the poster image, I very seriously doubt that it is Syndy

so now the question is.....who is the mystery lady on the far left in the poster image?


Re: Dallas Cheerleader 1977 Poster
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Cynde Lewis cheered        76, 77
Suzette Russell cheered    77, 78, 79   
Suzie Holub                       76
Debbie Wagener               76, 77, 78
Syndy Garza                      77, 78, 79

If what your saying about Syndy is true, then Suzette should not have been featured in the photo as well, she also didn't start until 1977.   

I think the common element here is 1977.  Even though Suzie Holub only cheered in 76, I think she was still around possibly early into the 77 season.  The question comes down to when was the photo session took place, and when the next season's squad was chosen.

I do remember reading that the DCC auditions were closed and by invitation only up until a certain point, but I don't remember what year that was.  I'll have to check.  But that might explain the timeline and the Cheerleaders in the poster.

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