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05 / 27 / 15

Author Topic: Wanted : Cash reward...  (Read 1963 times)

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Wanted : Cash reward...
« on: 01 / 29 / 13 »
I have been entrusted with the confidence of several Dallas Cheerleader Alums (of the 70's) to track down a good surviving copy of a rare TV special entitled "The 36 most beautiful women in Texas"  It aired originally in 1979 on the ABC network.

I will offer $50.00 for a good quality copy.
Also we are looking for the "Tex Schram Show", or "Charlie Rose" that featured the Dallas cheerleaders in 1979, 1980.

I am willing to offer a cash reward to anyone that can deliver a good quality copy of these shows.  It doesn't matter the format, VHS or Beta, or other... Please contact me with any information or questions : [click here

This would be a great gesture to say "thanks" back to them for all they did for us as fans.
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